Recovery Workshop

We bring contrast therapy to you! Schedule a Mobile Recovery Session that includes a powerful combination of XPT training:
  • Introduction & Education Session (10-15 minutes) 
  • Breathe: Exploratory Breathe Work - A journey through Performance-Based breathing exercises (15 minutes) 
  • Fire: Sauna - Relax in our Nordic Sauna made from Canadian cedar. We heat the sauna to some XPT style temperatures. The high heat can induce a parasympathetic state and decrease joint & muscular pain.  (10 minutes)
  • Ice: Ice Bath - Submerge yourself in the ice bath to aid an increase in your immune system function, decrease joint & muscular pain, induce heat shock proteins, stimulate nervous system recovery. (3 minutes)

Sauna & Ice: 3 cycles per session 


  • $200 for 2 people 
  • $25 dollars each additional person